Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pinterest trees and a holy night

We are a DIY maker family and as a result have a bit of a creative hoard stashed in the attic, Michael's work shop, and a closet here and there. He thinks it is all me:) Michael has been building bunk bed extravaganza's lately, so the scrap wood pile was out of control! No problem I said...Pinterest will take care of that. I told him I could keep him busy building things like this indefinitely, to which he snarked "I'm sure you could!" hahahahah

This was the picture on Pinterest I showed hubby Michael in the morning. When I came home that afternoon he had 2 trees waiting for me and a 3rd in process. I love, love having a handy hubby! The wood trim for the trees below has been languishing in our attic for 20 years, yes 20! That is when we built our home and the extra trim was stored in the attic just in case. Honestly I don't know how people throw things like this away...much to my husbands dismay:) Today I am totally justified in the beautiful trees built from 20 year old trim!

Silver and gold won the paint decision struggle. I do love that song...Silver and Gold:) My baby tree became white to tie in the mantle. Picture taking of projects is a blogger must and having a cute baby in the picture is always a bonus, so I sat Madeline in the picture. She then ran away but kept coming back sitting down and smiling at I kept snapping!

So this is Christmas 2016. Neutral and simple. This is our "off year" from hosting the family festivities which makes for a quiet December...silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright!

This metal tray was a wedding gift. Much like our almost 34 year marriage it is a bit tarnished, scratched and has a few dings, yet it becomes more precious every year. The structure is still intact, it has survived 12 moves, 4 children, and many happy and sad events. I love this silver tray, it represents the hope of a newly married "not a clue what we were getting into" couple that has survived, thrived, and become more valuable as time goes by:)

Metallic pillows on the couch were borrowed from my bed and the upstairs guest room. I restrained myself on more pillow purchases to stay off of Santa's naughty list:)

The mini trees on the mantle have been acquired over time from Hobby Lobby, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning and the like. I love the different textures together!

After the trees were on the mantle there was a space to fill. Enter a piece of 1x6, metallic paint, vinyl letters and the title to my all time favorite Christmas song "Oh Holy Night"....the center of my mantle, and indeed the phrase that reminds me to remember the very reason we celebrate Christmas!

The sweet influence of nativity scenes scattered around the house helps me keep Christmas in perspective. It is the one Christmas item I buy each year...

My Christmas decorating is complete. The mood is peaceful. Everything is perfect....if only I could decide where to put the mini trees:).........

Merry Christmas!

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