Monday, January 16, 2017

Annabelle & the school board tribute

One could say that I absolutely love being a Grammie:) Life seems new and exciting experiencing everything again through the eyes of a grandchild. Annabelle, our oldest granddaughter is in kindergarten. She was chosen to represent her elementary campus at the school board meeting in presenting me, a school board trustee, a book. 

Once a year each campus in the district donates a new book in the name of a trustee to their respective libraries. She stood at the podium and read the title of the book and dedicated it not to Mrs. Crossley, but instead to Grammie. I understand she was quite insistent on not calling me Mrs. Crossley:)

The whole family came for this event. I am quite sure here was some audience deviation from normal school board meeting decorum...hahaha 
We had some amusingly awkward moments with Scarlett having to be removed from the vintage pirate mascot...yikes!

Madeline was usually intrigued with Big Buc as well, but is more easily controlled:)

This is my favorite meeting every year. Greetings from the various elementary schools line the walls. Funny letters written to us from children.

This was a proud Grammie moment for me...the first official important "performance" by Annabelle as a school girl. I have no doubt there will be many more to come!

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