Sunday, February 19, 2017

Little Southern Gentleman

I am so pleased with this beautiful daughter. She is a phenomenal mother!
They say you know how you did as a mom when you have grandchildren.
What a blessing to be on the grandparent side of the fence!
A little southern gentleman is indeed on his way! After three little girls, Luxton Orson Tolman is his daddy's dream come true:) Brittany is 38 weeks and ready to welcome their little man!

Jodie and Brittany frequently do family outings together,
...even venturing on a dual family vacation last summer!
 With the birth of Luxton they will have 8 children between. oh the chaotic fun! 
Pink anything would not do for this little guy! With 3 sisters ahead of him, hand me downs are not an option:) Brittany's good friend Jodie hosted a small baby shower for Luxton.
What fun change to see blue and greens in baby clothing!
Target has a new line of children's clothing called Cat and Jack which is adorable! I simply could not decide which dressy outfit I loved best so....I bought them all but in various sizes to be sensible:)
Luxton has his first line up of church clothes suitable for a southern gentleman courtesy of
Target, Cat and Jack and Grammie:)
I will obviously need to pace my new bow tie, plaid shirt and suspender obsession:)
I love the joy of baby showers, the ohhhs and ahhhs over the baby clothes,
the chatter about babies and children...such a happy event!
Brittany worked feverishly to finish birth albums for Annabelle, Scarlett, and Madeline,  wanting to display them at the shower. It was a sweet walk down memory lane for us, and a fun bit of family history for friends to enjoy!
Jeline an ardent fan of Brittany's girls:)
Her favorite thing to do is pinch chubby baby legs...isn't that everyone's favorite?!

Jodie had these cute shirts made for their first family photo op in the hospital! Poor little man...three sisters to mother him, he's in for a bumpy ride!
Brittany & Travis call their family Team Tolman! Tolman is on the front of these cute shirts.
I'd say they really do have a full team:)
Raelynn & Mari are an important part of our lives.
Mari is my right hand girl at Nellie's Cottage, and Raylynn loves to babysit  Brittany's girls!
Mallory was Brittany's good friend in high school, and now is the mom of four children:) 
Heather is a sweetie who knew Brittany in high school and married a cousin:)
Her children Emmett and Aubry are simple adorable! 
Gus and Cici, as these cuties are nicknamed..belong to Mallory and Daniel.
There is something so stinkin' cute about twins!
Carolyn and Amy are a kind mother & daughter duo who have taught Brittany's children in church.
Carolyn currently teaches Scarlett which I am sure is quite the adventure:)
Debi and Brittany each have 6 year olds, Annabelle & Rebecca, and 3 years olds, Scarlett and Taylor who are best friends!
Debi's daughter Megan is one of the frequent babysitters to the Tolman munchkins.
Annabelle came at the end of the shower to check out the gifts and cart them home. She is already a big help and has all the qualities one would expect from an oldest child... beginning with bossy:)

I rarely ever get an album complete immediately after an event! The small number of pictures and Brittany's preferred simple style made this an easy project. The invitation provided a design map and with my considerable stash and album was born!

I found this cute alligator on Cricut design space and rickety split was able to cut them out. Outlining simple shapes adds dimension and interest, as the picture above demonstrates. 

Even though we know who the guests's always a good idea to document for our future children and grandchildren. It gives them another clue about our lives!

I chose to create a simple One Event/One Design album for the shower even though I do LOVE to create "over the top fancy shmancy embellished pages"! This simple "every page the same" style allows me to whip out albums in a timely manner. After all, future generations will be more interested in the people than the embellishments! So for events, holidays and vacations this is my scrapbook method of operation:) 

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