Friday, March 24, 2017

Avery Rose, a granddaughter is born

I cannot think of anything more precious than a new baby 
fresh from heaven. Avery Rose, our 10th grandchild, 
a vision of pink perfection,  graced the world 
with her presence on March 21, 2017. 
She is the fourth and final perfect addition to her family. 
I often think of the challenges and stress involved in raising children. Looking back I see many epic failures as a mother, 
and yet still consider my role as a parent to be the crowning achievement of my life. Watching my children bring babies 
into the world is so very humbling with tender moments 
that cannot be replicated any other way.

This raw emotion on the face of my son Aaron and his beautiful wife Janene, capture the intense relief and joy for another healthy baby, felt more especially after a long and arduous labor. The miracle and mystery of birth is filled with a wonder even our modern sophisticated world cannot dim. 

A new life, full of hope, promise and possibilities. 
Is it really any wonder that babies 
are so treasured and beloved. 

Wouldn't it be interesting to know what babies are thinking? Imagine the shock of entering the world! Avery seemed to take it all in stride...I imagine her saying "Hello world, I am ready for adventure!"...which she will most certainly
 experience with her three older siblings:) 

Janene noticed every 10-15 minutes Aaron would hover over Avery gazing in wonder. My Michael did the same with our daughter Brittany who came after two boys. My dad who is no longer with us also loved to admire babies and would sit for ages staring at our newborn Brittany. A picture like this uncovers a thousand emotions for me. Having survived four teenagers, not the least of which drove my sanity to the brink is this handsome man. The tender look on Aaron's face fills my soul with unmeasurable joy compensating for every moment of frustration over broken curfews, speeding tickets, and unauthorized midnight rides on the four wheeler:) 
Life is a wonderful evolution of self discovery and progress if we accept the challenge. Parenting provides a fast track course from self interest to unselfish love and service. I freely acknowledge that the most important lessons to improve my character were learned at the hands of my children. 
Oh a mother's anticipation of siblings greeting the new baby, though imagining is often better than the actual event:) Savannah 5, Ethan and Charlotte 3, are truly thrilled with baby Avery who has been much anticipated. Keeping Avery safe from such adoring and over enthusiastic fans will be a constant challenge for 
mommy and daddy! Good luck:)

What will you be my darling granddaughter? Will you be soft spoken or outlandishly gregarious? Will you play piano concerto's or dance ballet? Will you run everywhere like the wind as sisters Savannah and Charlotte or be a bit more cautious and measured as brother Ethan? I look at your soft skin and adorably chubby cheeks and feel nothing but love and hope for your future. You have been born to a family who treasures your very existence, a family that believes nothing is more important than success at home. You came to a country that is free, where women have unlimited opportunity. You came in a time when disease has limited power, and advances in technology boggle the mind. You my darling granddaughter can be anything you want to be... and that makes my Grammie heart unbelievably grateful and filled with joy. Avery Rose...bloom where you are planted and just be perfectly you:)

a letter to my granddaughters

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Altered glass jug in shades of blue

Behold the blue jug:) I have a friend who occasionally supplies me with wine jugs courtesy of an ex-mother-in-law (that's another story!) I was dying to try my hand at bottle alteration after seeing so many on Pinterest:) This bottle is part of my "spring decor" collection. I have decor collections for each season...don't tell the hubby...he's not much on storing stuff but never notices...hahahaha!

We begin here...
Primer is always a good place to start with any painting project.

Shades of blue are kind of my thing at the moment, and I had this chalk paint from Hobby Lobby on hand called "escape"...perfect!


After the blue base was dry, an Inka Gold teal metallic rub was brushed on in several passes around the jug. Once the metallic rub is dry, it can be buffed to a sheen. This is a German made wax based product that comes in many colors. There are several you-tube videos that are helpful:)

As you can see from the picture below, a metallic coppery brown paint was dry brushed as the final layer.
After the paint was completely dry, layers of washi tape were wrapped around the jar, beginning and ending on the designated back to hide the seams. Mod Podge over the washi tape is recommended since washi has a tendency to peel away over time.

An aqua burlap flower procured from my extensive flower stash was secured with hot glue. A perfect finishing touch!

Various shades of aqua, turquoise and teal are liberally and consistently placed around my home as THE preferred accent color...can't get enough:) These colors are also usually worked into any seasonal decor displays.

This blue cabinet can most often be found sporting seasonal and holiday decor. I did a fun paint and stencil furniture makeover on this piece passed down from a sister-in-law. We are one of those revolving furniture diy families:)

You might enjoy the cabinet paint and stenciling project link below. 
The lighting of the cabinet in the kitchen corner does not do it justice!

The soda bottle above was also wrapped with washi tape, sealed with Mod-Podge, and then wrapped with twine. Pastel field flowers fill the vases, bottle and jug with spring time joy!

I have 3 more of these jugs begging to be painted....thinking  one each for a the other seasons:)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slumber party with the neighbors (aka Annabelle & Scarlett!)

I have looked forward to having Grammie slumber parties with my little granddaughters since my daughters small and enjoying them with my mom, aka Nannie!
Annabelle and I had the first official Grammie slumber party awhile ago, so it was time!
 Two excited little girls came to my front door and the fun began:) They insisted their mom drive them to the slumber party which is a riot because they literally live in our back yard down the driveway! 

Annabelle's first order of business was to set up her bed:) She is quite the organizer! 

Bathtime came next and seems to be more fun with a sister:)

Since Annabelle could talk she has been walking through my door asking for a craft project! Scarlett followed suite so crafting has become part of our relationship. I had these wooden Easter eggs stashed away, pulled out my "grown up" glitter and let their creativity take the lead.

Popcorn, movies, and painted nails were next on the girls agenda. Grammie gladly acquiesced to their requests! 

We watched one of my children's favorites, the animated Robin Hood movie...."seize the fat one" makes me laugh every time!

Chubby painted toes are my favorite:)

The girls slept upstairs by themselves like champs and woke up wanting to craft before breakfast! Girls after my own heart:) One of my favorite things to do which I RARELY get to do is scrapbook as soon as I wake up...ignoring real clothes, breakfast, and the infamous to-do list!

I was hoping for the excuse to make pancakes but the girls wanted blueberries, raspberries and cinnamon toast. Why do I need an excuse to make pancakes? They have carbs...lots and lots of carbs which apparently is taboo in our modern world. Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much:)

Scarlett is incapable of sitting for an entire makes for entertaining eating:)

Mommy came to officially collect the girls from the front door  having driven her car up the driveway! The girls were super proud to show off their craft projects and painted nails. 

Madeline wasn't on the coveted slumber party invitation list...she has awhile to go before her sisters will deem her suitable companions!

Good bye Grammie! Thank you for our slumber party!

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The slumber party agenda....Annabelle & our first Grammie slumber party!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring, washi, & twine!

Spring is my favorite season...okay...and fall:) They are both mild and cool which is much desired in southeast Texas! Winter isn't's just ugly;-} Summer, well... it's like Papa Bear's porridge- TOO HOT! To create a bit of kitchen cheer I often create seasonal countertop paper-craft art. I created this spring display layout a couple of years ago, but added the frame a few days ago (more about that in a minute)...

This spring layout was created with Bazzill cardstock (love the thickness and texture), Martha Stewart butterfly border punch, Prima flowers, & Jolee's paper some ribbon, rhinestones, and a couple other things:)

I googled spring quotes, found three I loved, typed them out and printed them on aqua paper to "blend" into the layout.

Chipboard flocked letters were a lovely gift from a long ago scrapbook convention...I'm a bit of a letter hoarder...hahaha
By the way...if you look closely at the S, it is pieced from cuts of other hardly ever needed letters like Q and J.

Michael built me a stash of 12x12 wooden frames for my countertop paper craft art. My washi tape stash had just the perfect shades of turquoise and aqua to decorate this frame..yes I hoard wash tape too;-}

Wrapping washi tape around a frame is do-able but challenging at an angle without too many wrinkles (some wrinkles are good!) so I decided to layer the washi in straight pieces of various length on the surface of the frame which created a crafty patchwork feel.

What did the world do before Mod Podge? Our family has been using it for almost 50 I can't imagine life without it:) Sealing washi tape in place is always a good idea, especially when one has curious and destructive toddler grandchildren afoot!

Spring paper art paired with fuzzy pussy willow stems and coral field flowers in a rockin' vintage metal fire extinguisher... I am in spring kitchen happiness:)
p.s. that turquoise metal ornament with clear beads came from Buc-ee's...if you don't know what Buc-ee's it, or better yet head to Texas, it's how we do convenience stores in big Texas style:)

In my humble and totally unbiased crafty expert opinion...this frame perfectly completed the spring layout:)

Happy Spring again:)...
"Let your joy burst forth like flowers in spring!"