Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slumber party with the neighbors (aka Annabelle & Scarlett!)

I have looked forward to having Grammie slumber parties with my little granddaughters since my daughters small and enjoying them with my mom, aka Nannie!
Annabelle and I had the first official Grammie slumber party awhile ago, so it was time!
 Two excited little girls came to my front door and the fun began:) They insisted their mom drive them to the slumber party which is a riot because they literally live in our back yard down the driveway! 

Annabelle's first order of business was to set up her bed:) She is quite the organizer! 

Bathtime came next and seems to be more fun with a sister:)

Since Annabelle could talk she has been walking through my door asking for a craft project! Scarlett followed suite so crafting has become part of our relationship. I had these wooden Easter eggs stashed away, pulled out my "grown up" glitter and let their creativity take the lead.

Popcorn, movies, and painted nails were next on the girls agenda. Grammie gladly acquiesced to their requests! 

We watched one of my children's favorites, the animated Robin Hood movie...."seize the fat one" makes me laugh every time!

Chubby painted toes are my favorite:)

The girls slept upstairs by themselves like champs and woke up wanting to craft before breakfast! Girls after my own heart:) One of my favorite things to do which I RARELY get to do is scrapbook as soon as I wake up...ignoring real clothes, breakfast, and the infamous to-do list!

I was hoping for the excuse to make pancakes but the girls wanted blueberries, raspberries and cinnamon toast. Why do I need an excuse to make pancakes? They have carbs...lots and lots of carbs which apparently is taboo in our modern world. Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much:)

Scarlett is incapable of sitting for an entire makes for entertaining eating:)

Mommy came to officially collect the girls from the front door  having driven her car up the driveway! The girls were super proud to show off their craft projects and painted nails. 

Madeline wasn't on the coveted slumber party invitation list...she has awhile to go before her sisters will deem her suitable companions!

Good bye Grammie! Thank you for our slumber party!

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