Thursday, July 27, 2017

DIY pallet project....a rusty metal desk and old vintage chair

Looks amazing now, but this was a rusty metal desk with a rotten plywood top that had been forgotten in an outdoor storage building. Our southeast Texas, hot & humid weather is deadly to furniture! 
And the chair?...well it was boring and old school brown. 
But I had a vision, and a plan!
Here is the project story...

My original plan for the desk was to use it as a potting table. We had an abundance of pallet wood begging for a home. I carefully chose a combination of light and dark pallet boards in random widths and then brought in the table saw & nail gun guy...aka hubby:) 

After a few months as a potting table, the desk was rapidly "aging" in our extreme Texas weather. An intervention ensued with a new plan:) One of the guest rooms upstairs would be the desk's new home. 
Hubby replaced a couple bad pallet boards, then the metal frame was sanded, primed and painted grey.
The worst and best idea I had for this project was adding the nail trim. Best because it looks farmhouse vintage cool! Worst because it was an absolute bear to hand hammer in 80 nails (yes I counted!) through the pallet boards. I forgot that pallets are usually made of HARD wood. My hands were in agony for days! 

Several coats of polycrylic was brushed on the surface (dry each coat separately) for protection and a bit of sheen. Polycrylic doesn't yellow like polyurethane which makes it a better choice for sealing furniture.

Viola! An old rusty metal desk rescued, up-cycled and re-imagined!

A desk this unique needed an interesting chair...luckily I had this vintage chair stashed, having claimed it from a junk pile ages ago:)
Hubby thinks I am a hoarder...haha!
I am possibly a teensy bit of a decorative hoarder which is VERY different than being a "real hoarder"! 
Decided on white paint and a fun fabric...

One of the up-cycling challenges I love to give myself is to use what I already have on hand. Not to worry...fabric and paint are on the approved decorative hoarding list:)
I narrowed the seat fabric choice to two and took a family vote...the grey cheetah fabric won!

Quilt batting was wrapped over the original seat and stapled on the back for a bit more cushioned comfort. The grey cheetah fabric was then wrapped and stapled on top of the quilt batting. Hubby secured the seat with screws from the underside of the seat. You must make sure the screw is the perfect length so it holds securely without poking through the top!

You can see the wrap & staple process on another chair makeover

The window nook in what I named the "Galveston" guest room was a perfect fit for the newly up-cycled-desk & vintage chair.

I'm feeling a bit victorious after this up-cycling vintage makeover:) It is a splendid addition to the "Galveston guest suite" currently in decorative progress (more blog posts to come!)
Oh how I love up-cyled makeovers! 
When I do these kinds of projects my mind turns to people. Some people are rusty due to neglect. Some people are rotten, I believe most often due again to neglect of love. Life can be brutally harsh kind of like our southeast Texas extreme heat and takes a toll. 
What these projects teach me is that love, time, and patience can renew, re-furbish, and give new life to something that has been left behind, put aside and neglected. Wouldn't the world be more beautiful if we put more effort into people? 
I think of my own growing family and cannot bear the thought of any of them feeling unloved. Loving them is easy for me. More challenging is getting past my busy self and looking outside my circle for those that are neglected. 
I have great respect for Mother Theresa who served some the most poverty stricken humans on the planet.
Her words are a call to rise up and love. 

Just like the new love & care I gave to my rusty desk and unloved chair, I can do more of the infinitely important work of loving those around me.
One. At. A. Time.


  1. Wow! Her recrafting is very good. I was thinking to refurbish my furniture and yes now i have found the one who can perform this duty with a responsibility. Thankyou for sharing.

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