Sunday, July 9, 2017

Road trip with the Tolmans & visit with the Crossley mini-mob:)

Two days of driving in a Honda Pilot from the family reunion in Colorado to the Dallas Texas area stuffed in the SUV...Michael & me, Brittany & Travis, Annabelle, Scarlett, Madeline, & Luxton...yikes, yes, I really mean yikes! 
About an hour into the journey coming down from Ratan New Mexico, Madeline was sick all over her car seat. We stopped at a convenience store and scrubbed our way back into the car, entertaining the store patrons in an undignified way.
Luckily we were out of the curvy mountain passes and back on the boring straight roads of New Mexico and no more of these kind of stops. It was a fiasco!

After ages in the hot summer sun we got back on the road....grateful for soap, water hoses, and kind convenience store clerks in New Mexico!
On a positive note...Luxton was mostly a happy trouper the whole trip...hallelujah!

We were super happy to reach Aaron & Janene's house after 11 hours during time, spread over two days in the car. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday & played around till was chaos! 

Our next yikes was the kind of yikes involving 6 adults and 8 children spending time together in a 3 bedroom house.

The survival plan? 
Spend as much time as possible outside, but this is Texas in July!

Bedtime finally came and...see those faces? They partied for quite some time before their parents got fed up and separated the mini-mob:) I knew the sleep success rate was abysmally low after a Grammie fail. I sang so many songs, and rubbed so many boney little backs till Ethan finally said "No more songs Grammie." They were no closer to sleep than before. Enjoy the 9 second screaming video below as evidence of my failure.

(By the way...Grandad built those epic triple bunkbeds a few months ago...the mini's love them!) 
Bunkbed post link here...

Saturday morning brought donuts and swimming at Janene's gym where she teaches body pump. Hahaha...the irony of donuts and a fitness class:)
Gathering the tiny crowd, rounding up swimsuits, towels, goggles, making lunch, & loading tiny people who all wanted to ride in Grammie's car was no small feat. 
Charlotte spend most of her prep time flirting with Grandad:)

Finally after much ado, little bodies happily merged with chlorinated water for a few hours of cooling off, sparing us and Janene's house a bit of cooped up chaos! I tend to stalk around the pool edges capturing the moments for future are a few...

Savannah was thrilled to be in the big kid crowd allowed on the water slide until the lazy teenage life guard shut the party down. I could go into a rant about "lack of work ethic in the young generation" but will spare my readers the diatribe.
On with the pool scenes...

Ethan & Charlotte never tire of Grandad chasing them! It is such a joy to see this sweet man play with the grand-darlings:) He wears out long before they do...where is the justice?

Madeline has "want to be big" fever which makes float wearing a battle. It is always such a relief when these ambitious stubborn little ones can swim! 

Snow white creamy skin & a bald head on baby Avery means umbrellas are a part of swimming:) Being tan is overrated anyway!

No one, and I really mean no one has more fun in life than Scarlett. She has a private blissfully happy world which always seems to be full of adventure!

Daddy Travis and baby's sweet to watch the smiles:)

Well at least one is tired out from swimming! 
Only 7 more to go....haha

After swimming we just hung around till bedtime (and our departure) you can see grandad managed to have a nap:) 

When it came time to say goodbye, Ethan was NOT happy we were leaving him behind. I know little man...I know! Grammie feels the same way!

Per Grammie's request (it is NEVER ever Grandad's!) we attempted a picture with the grand mini-mob:)
It's a good thing I love outtakes because that is exactly what you get with this tiny human army... 
L to R...Scarlett, Charlotte, Avery, Luxton, Ethan, Savannah, Annabelle & Madeline

These little darlings are a bouncing, smiling, screaming, happy mob...I wouldn't have any other way:) But for now, we need a nap!

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