Monday, August 7, 2017

Dear Lizzie...a letter to a granddaughter.

July 12, arrived. 
A small bundle of pink perfection.   
The last grand-baby with the Crossley name.
Elizabeth Nicole, a miracle, a gift, a baby girl.
Our little Lizzie.

To every life story there a dozen back stories, the experience from a different perspective. I am the sentimental mom who prayed, and prayed and prayed, for my son to know the joy of holding a tiny human straight from heaven. I wanted him to feel love that completely overwhelms the heart, mind and soul, the kind of love I felt when he was born. After you were born I asked your daddy, "How do you feel? He replied "It's overwhelming" momma heart was at peace. He knew, he finally knew.

Keith 1984 and Lizzie 2017

With the birth of each new grand-baby, my sentimental heart softens just a little bit more. The wonder of life's miracle never fades. 

It's day one! What will you be my Lizzie?
I hope you will be kind, thoughtful, and happy. 
I trust your brothers will protect you in that "don't mess with our sister kind of way!" 
I hope your daddy's heart will always belong to you and if he is a bit scary to boys that like you...don't be mad, he is just doing his job:) 
Be sweet to your mommy, she fiercely loves you and waited a long time for a little girl! 
You are privileged to grow up in America, the land of the free, where girls can "have it all', chose wisely my darling and listen to those who love you best. 
I gaze at your perfect pink innocence and tears form in my eyes.
Love, sweet Lizzie, my greatest wish is for you to is to feel loved & infinitely valuable for you are a daughter of God. 

Love, dear Lizzie, I pledge to love you with all of my heart. 
How is that possible? 
You are the twelfth grandchild. 
How can I love you with all of my heart? 
Before you came Annabelle, Savannah, Cy, Seth & Josh, then Scarlett, Ethan, Charlotte, Madeline, Luxton, and Avery. 
I don't really know how it's possible. It's like magic! Maybe my heart is getting bigger, maybe I am growing tiny mini hearts, one for each person, or maybe... I am learning to open my heart a little more each time someone joins our family. 
I do know it is love, the best gift I can ever give you. 
Love darling Lizzie, it's all about love.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Kim! Such amazing words and she is beautiful, just like the rest of your family! Congratulations! God has truly blessed you all!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. She is beautiful:)