Friday, December 1, 2017

Crushed Peppermint cookies

One of the wonderful things about the Christmastime when I was young was the goodie table in our kitchen all season long! There is nothing better than coming home off the school bus to a sweet mother baking cookies! Peppermint cookies were and still are a family favorite!

Mom still has the original cookbook where our favorite peppermint cookie comes from...circa 1966 in our home. She is sentimental like that:)

I have a hand written version from the cookbook mom 
made for me when I went to college. 
As you can see this recipe has been well loved:)

Crushed Peppermint Cookies
3/4 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup crushed peppermint (30 mini candy canes)
3 cups flour

Cream butter & sugar, add egg & milk. Stir in baking powder, flour, & crushed peppermint. Bake @ 375 for 6-7 minutes

And we begin...
Take the peppermints out of the wrappers and place them in a ziplock bag. Josh and Grandad did this assembly line style, an impressive 4 at a time:)

Mini candy canes are MUCH easier to crush than regular round peppermint candies.

Place the unwrapped peppermints in a ziplock, then inside a second ziplock (less mess!)  
GENTLY crush peppermints with a hammer. 
Do NOT do this on a countertop or tile floor. 
Garage or porch floor is best.

Make sure the hubby doesn't use your cookie pan to hammer the peppermints!

Softened butter and sugar are creamed together, then the egg & milk are added. If the butter is not completely softened, cut it up in chunks for faster creaming.  

Seth didn't enjoy mixing the egg in...
hahaha... he said it looked slimy...I agree! 
We added the flour, baking soda, 
and peppermints in a hurry!

I was impressed with the boys memory of "baking procedures" I taught them last time we had Grammie cookie camp. Spooning the flour into a measuring cup is better 
than "compacting" (Seth's word) the flour and 
making the cookies too dense.

But the MOST important baking rule is...
Do you remember Josh?
Do NOT turn on the mixer until the beaters are touching the bottom of the bowl and only turn the speed to 1. major messes today!

The crushed peppermint tints the dough a bit, 
but I often add a few drops of red food coloring 
for a lovely pink dough 
(except when baking with boys!)

Roll the dough into walnut size balls while trying not 
to eat too much dough:) 
Seth exclaimed "I can't stop eating it!"

For a more festive cookie, 
dip each ball in colored sugar or crushed peppermint.

If your family are chocolate fans (yes we are!) another variation is to press your thumb into the cookie dough 
ball to create a "bowl" and add chocolate or 
white chocolate chips on top.

TIP: Spray the cookie pan with non-stick spray 
(Yes, I know it's not something normally done for cookies, however, you will be glad when it's time to wash the dishes)

Bake cookies for 6-7 minutes. They will look a bit underdone when you take them out. 
In our case, we take them out 
early so they ARE underdone!

Quickly take the cookies off the tray before 
the peppermint sticks.

While waiting for cookies to bake snuggle baby sister Lizzie (or anyone!) to spread some Christmas cheer:)

These cookies make a fun and colorful treat for friends and family. Christmas just seems a bit more merry with peppermint cookies! can actually buy peppermint cookie dough now but then you wouldn't have the fun of smashing peppermints with a hammer now would you:)