Sunday, April 8, 2018

Chatsworth House...Mr. Darcy's "Pemberley"

There are no words dazzling enough for Chatsworth House! That said, our whole visit was spectacularly decadent for a girl who loves all things fancy. The history, the imagined family drama's within these walls, the astonishing expenditure of funds, the dazzling craftsmanship in every single nook and was a marvelous tour! My amateur photos cannot do this work of art justice....still I hope you enjoy Chatsworth House through my "small town country girl come to the fancy mansion" eyes...........I was every bit as impressed as Elizabeth as she wandered through these halls during Pride & Prejudice:)

As if the house wasn't enough then we toured the grounds which were spectacular!

This cascading fountain is one of the first gravity fed fountains in the world.
There are 3 lakes that were dug up the mountain to provide water to Chatsworth house. The lake feeds this cascade and the canal lake below that you see in the Pride & Prejudice movie (forgot to take a picture of...dang it)

The Grotto house was originally built in the late 1790's at the instigation of Duchess Georgiana.

I laughed the I saw these evergreen trees, they reminded me of Veggie Tale characters:)

A Texas star in England?:)

Below is what once was the horse stables...not too shabby!

Oh Chatsworth, you are beautiful! But I am leaving with my very own Mr. Darcy to our happy little life in Texas with bare feet, comfy couches for Netflix and dinner on paper plates:) We'll leave the fancy living to the Duke & Duchess!

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