Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stanage Edge, my Elizabeth Bennet moment

I am a hopelessly sappy romantic. Movies with epic love scenes are my favorite, with the undeniably top of the list being Mr. Darcy, walking across the field to Elizabeth as the sun rises with perfect timing...cue the sappy sigh....
My girls and I have watched both the old BBC version and recent Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice more times than we can count, so visiting the Peak District in England is a dream come true.
Hubby is slightly less excited but is willing to quite happily support my obsession. Hence the drive to Stanage Edge before our motel after an all night flight from Houston! 

The English countryside never disappoints....

As soon as we had Stanage Edge in sight we began to speculate which rock was in the movie scene with Elizabeth. "It has to be that one!"
"Wait, it's definitely that one...I remember the way it juts out from the movie!"...and so the guessing began. It was late in the day and bitterly cold. Luckily, we had planned on trekking to the top tomorrow.

What an impressive display of geology. I was imagining standing on those rocks with the wind blowing my dress, having escaped life for a moment of moody reflection....just like Elizabeth Bennet...cue the moody reflection:)

We spent the night in a lovely place called the Plough Inn which I wrote about here...

Morning brought sun and warmer temperatures (well...English warm...ha) and so we began.

When we reached the top, quite busy with people for the holiday weekend, we began to ask if anyone knew where the actual rock used in the movie Pride & Prejudice could be found. I was naively surprised at the consistent response from several people. "Have no idea, didn't even know there was a movie".....gasp! Seriously? 
I stopped bothering to ask because it was obvious the English do not care about a fictional character in an American movie scene even if the book was written by a famous English author...cue the silly Americans:)

The view was spectacular! Stanage Edge goes on for miles. The top plateau was a "field" of rocks and puddles from the melting snow. It seemed to be popular hiking trek. One mother was determinedly calling after a small boy who was running ahead and to the edge...cue the mom horror! Michael & I were quite glad none of our small mob of adventurous grandchildren were on site...cue the profound relief!

After assessing the rocks in the not too far distance we decided for our purposes that this must be the "Elizabeth" least in these photos...haha

That small figure in the distance is me, not exactly having an authentic Elizabeth moment as I had dreamed... but oh so happy to be here!

As we turning to head down we heard someone mention that Robin Hood's cave was here! Michael was born in Nottingham (Sherwood Forest)...this was fate! The cave was right under our is Michael beside the cave. Apparently Robin Hood's "main merry man" Little John is buried in a church in the village of Haversage where we spent the night. They say you can tell it's him because of the length of the grave as he was legend to be a giant. Our children absolutely loved (and still do) the Robin Hood cartoon. Michael and I have watched the Kevin Costner Robin Hood many, many times! Suffice it say Robin Hood is part of our British DNA:)

The peaceful majesty of this great land is hard to describe. It's one of those feelings deep down "in your bones"...I feel it, am grateful for it. What would my life have looked like had I not married this Englishman? I have often wondered. It's been perfectly plain to us that divine intervention put us together, part of a greater plan. Sometimes the road has been as rocky as these great boulders and sometimes it has been as gentle as those green rolling hills below. And here we are 35 years into this unpredictable journey of life.
Musing about life is a hobby of mine:)

And so... I've had my fake "Elizabeth" moment...and for now all is right with the world. Good bye Stanage Edge...until we meet again with Elizabeth:)


  1. So beautiful as always! And dedinitely fate to see Robin Hood’s cave! How awesome is that!!

  2. I know! I was singing "Oo Da Lally, Oo Da Lally! Golly what a day!" we were climbing down to it:)