About us

I am a lucky girl with a 
handsome hubby sporting a cute British accent, 
4 wonderful children who chose well in marriage, 
and at the moment, 9 grandchildren, the loves of my life:) 
I love creating beauty, gathering people, 
and my Texas roots. After my family, 
Nellie's Cottage is my best accomplishment!

My two boys, Aaron & Keith and their families are on the left,
 my two girls Brittany(my caterer!) and my youngest Danielle on the right.

   p.s. we added 3 babies in 2017! Luxton, Avery, & Lizzie:)
           New family picture on the books for Christmas 2017!

The story of Nellie's Cottage...

My Geldard grandparents Albert and Nellie left an example of honor, integrity, and generosity. After losing their first home in the depression they bought this acre of land with $25 down. After they paid the $150 asking price Albert began building their home in 1939 with two rooms and a shanty kitchen.

Albert & Nellie Gedard 1939 when they bought the property
All of these pictures are in front of the family home, 
now Nellie's Cottage
Oldest daughter Helen in the 40's
Nellie 1950's
My mother Martha & her brother Albert 1950ish

 I bought their home in 2009 some 20 plus years after they passed away. After many months of complete renovation Nellie's Cottage became a reality. 

After 20 years of neglect, this is where I began spring of 2009

Renovation complete December 2009
As the cottage looks today...we are constantly evolving:)

Everywhere I turn in the cottage there is a memory...butter pecan icecream, the smell of coffee brewing, Mama Nellie making skillet pancakes, Papa Albert doing crossword puzzles, and picking peas in the garden. 

Visitors never left without a plant, homemade jam or fresh vegetables.
We have come full circle in many ways...as a little girl my mother would sit in their strawberry patch picking and eating strawberries off the vine...my granddaughter Annabelle does the same thing with our strawberry "pot patch!"

We carry on Nellie & Albert's hospitality with our retreats. I am blessed to meet wonderful creative women who love their families. Is there a better business? As I said in the beginning...I am a lucky girl!

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