Photo gallery

Nellie's Cottage
 Originally built in 1938 by my grandfather Albert. 
 A total renovation of Nellie & Albert's home was completed December 2009 creating Nellie's Cottage!
We opened for retreats & events January 2010.

Completed in January 2014, this addition is directly 
behind Nellie's Cottage connected by a breezeway.
It is a large open room with project space for 16 
with a full bathroom, and kitchenette.

  This cottage was built in 1945 by my grandfather Albert 
for Nellie's sister Flossy and husband Tob. 
This sleeping cottage just up the sidewalk  Kimberly's. 
Flossy's has 5 bedrooms, 16 beds, 2 full baths, and a kitchen. 

Flossy (Nellie's sister) with daughter MaryAnn and her children Gary and Sherry who grew up here.

Brittany Danielle sleeps 2, named for my daughters
Savannah Charlotte sleeps 3, named for granddaughters (below)

MaryAnn sleeps 3, named for Flossy's daughter
Annabelle Scarlett sleeps 6, named for granddaughters
Annabelle & Scarlett at time of renovation
Sherry sleeps 1, named for my cousin who slept in this bedroom (Sherry below)

Flossy's kitchen...granddaughter Sherry said Flossy loved bright colors so that is how we decorated!


  1. Wow Kim, that is going to be wonderful! I'm assuming it will be a great place for nice big crops!

  2. I am excited about the larger room to scrapbook in.

  3. So excited to see this Kimberly. Our group is looking forward to cropping in there in April 2014 !!!

  4. Your cottage is beautiful! we had a great weekend in the new space!